Some people like to cook beautifully, others to have a beautiful kitchen. Thus, what is  better than a cooking product that tastes great and dramatically decorates your kitchen? This spring, Giangrandi Gourmet decided to attend the Miami Home Design and Remodeling Show 2012 to please both tastes. From March 23rd through March 26th, we exhibited all our products and offered hot deals on all of them.


 In addition, Giangrandi Gourmet sponsored Chef Paulette and her culinary kitchen experience at the show. Chef Paulette and her team did a marvelous job; by creating different recipes, giving cooking tips, and doing many other activities that offered plenty of entertainment during the event. Finally, Giangrandi Gourmet made a raffle, giving away a beautiful GG gift box (valued at $90), which a lovely lady became the lucky winner.


 Therefore, this show was a great success for us! Our team had a blast! The show was well organized, the attendees had a great time, and we got to meet a lot of new customers from our local community.  We are grateful for the opportunity to share our liquid gold and we wish them all the happy and tasty “Healthy Pleasures” life has to offer.