The Giangrandi Story
Many people believe olive oil starts with olives. Giangrandi Gourmet believes it starts with terrior – the influence of our climate, farming techniques, sunlight intensity, elevation and soil.

Our quest to create the world’s most distinct olive oil brand began in 1997, in Chile’s Coquimbo region. The abandoned area was so poor, dry and neglected that it was actually called the Valley of Tears.

There was something beautiful – even magical – about this land. How else could trees nearly a century old survive droughts of up to three years? The Giangrandi family believed that, if given the chance, these old trees could produce hundreds of originally fresh oil blends even Italian olive oil producers would envy. We were right.

Since our humble beginnings as a small company called Valle Quilimari, we’ve grown into Giangrandi Gourmet. Our business from day one has always been driven by a passion for producing healthy, socially responsible, top-quality extra virgin organic and premium products while simultaneously sustaining our beautiful environment, which we treasure and respect so dearly.

Giangrandi Gourmet has inspired a new era of production in our Valley. We are so very proud of our local farmers who help us produce the finest hand-harvested olive oils in the industry featuring flavors, aromas and intensities unique only to our region. In the process, we have also put Chile on the olive oil map … and transformed the Valley of Tears into a Valley of Cheers.

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Some See Olive Oil. Giangrandi Gourmet Sees Liquid Gold.

Like fine wine, producing organic and premium extra virgin olive oil requires a blend of different varieties. At Giangrandi Gourmet, it also involves blending in many other factors such as our own personal philosophies and passions, which include:
  • Creating a Superior Sensorial Experience: Giangrandi Gourmet olive oils are made for health conscious connoisseurs, consumers, chefs, specialty shop owners and retailers who demand the highest  quality … and refuse to settle for mass produced commodity olive oils.
  • Inspiring Healthier Attitudes: Giangrandi Gourmet produces more than just olive oil. Our goal is to serve up the healthiest pleasures you can find in a bottle.
  • Struggling Harder to Please: There is a reason our olives and oils possess one-of-a-kind aromas, intensities, flavors and personalities. Our vines constantly need to battle the rugged Chilean terrain to produce their special fruit. In life, when things come too easy, something is missing. Giangrandi Gourmet believes the same holds true for olive growing.
  • Blending in Greater Variety: Where can you find the very best olive oil? If you guessed Italy, you would be wrong. The answer is: in the fruit! Giangrandi Gourmet delivers the deliciously unique palatable pleasures olive oil lovers seek by growing – and blending – many different special types of exotic, rare and already popular olive varieties. Searching for the ultimate flavors, blends and yields is a never-ending journey for us and our customers.
  • Packaging it all to Perfection: Everything Giangrandi Gourmet produces not only tastes exquisite, it is also packaged in exquisite taste. Our elegant bottles, boxes and labels are designed to complement the pure beauty of the flawless organic and premium extra virgin olive oils they contain.
What makes an olive oil special? Discover the advantages of Giangrandi Gourmet.
Italians make outstanding Olive Oil.
They just can’t make Giangrandi Gourmet Olive Oil.

How can extra virgin olive oil from Chile compete with Italian brands? Judging from all the awards and recognition Giangrandi Gourmet is receiving worldwide, quite well, thank you. Here’s why olive oil connoisseurs are choosing us:

AUTHENTICITY: Italy exports much more olive oil than it produces in its own groves and packages it as “Italian made.” Giangrandi Gourmet only produces 100% authentic extra virgin olive oils. Many manufacturers mix in other oils such as vegetable oils and sell it as olive oil. Not us! We own our own groves and:
  • Use only the finest quality olives grown by us or local farmers
  • Hand harvest our estate-grown fruits personally on our own farm
  • Bottle all our olive oils in our own on-premises plant
CONSISTENTCY:Many supermarket blends are mixes from different countries. Giangrandi Gourmet Chile-only blends are produced with smaller processing equipment, which enables us to separate every oil variety – something big production plants can’t do. They press and blend together. We control our blends to keep them pure.

PROFICIENCY: Although Giangrandi Gourmet produces both organic and non-organic oils, our groves are all organic. Our oils are also:
  • Free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungi and olive flies.
  • Transferred within hours to high-tech, temperature-controlled storage banks outfitted with special lids to prevent oxidation.
  • Bottled after orders are received to ensure that freshness, flavor and longevity are never compromised.
As for taste, anyone who knows olive oil will appreciate the influences, inspirations and intensities of Giangrandi Gourmet. Our trademark process for extracting oil from the flesh of fruit allows for the maximum harnessing of flavor. Combining that with masterful blending abilities of different olive varieties enables us to develop new, never tasted before intensities, fruitiness, and aroma spiciness/bitterness.


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Our Facilities
You’ll find Giangrandi Gourmet olive oil so addicting…
You’ll want to visit where it’s made.

In the heart of central Chile’s Coquimbo Region rests the Los Cóndores Valley – home of the Giangrandi Gourmet olive groves. The land is rich in history, and now, we are making olive oil history in Chile because of it.

The secret to Giangrandi Gourmet’s success is directly attributed to marrying the unique strengths of our Valley with the latest technologies … and by helping the original 80- to 100-year old, irrigation-starved and neglected trees we started with more than two decades ago flourish by surrounding them with new groves of Italian and Spanish varieties.

All olives used in Giangrandi Gourmet oils are estate grown … on property we own (24,500 acres / 12,250 hectares). We built the bottling facility and control every aspect of the processing operation. The only time our products leave our site – and sight – are when they go to market.

Presenting the Perfect Plantation Location

If there is a better environment for growing olives, we haven’t seen it. What makes our spot so ideal? There is no humidity to attack our trees and no pests, sanitary issues or fungi to ruin our olives and create defects in our oil. We are grateful to be in a marvelously dry, semi-arid Mediterranean climate … 590 feet (180 meters) above sea level … with mineral-rich soil that is all very advantageous for cultivating olive trees.

Since blending varieties of olives is critical to discovering the most distinct intensities, you will find arbequinas, barneas, picuals, frantoios, leccinos, coratinas, ligurias and racimos olives all thriving on our farm. In addition to our olive groves, Giangrandi Gourmet grows Clementines and avocado crops. Working on new crop additions only strengthens our ability to provide quality organic products unique to our natural attributes and distinct location in Chile.

Whatever aroma, flavor or intensity olive oil you – or your customers – crave, Giangrandi Gourmet’s healthy olive fruits promise to satisfy your every desire.
The Proof is in Our Process

Every step of our production process is meticulously controlled on our farm, in our own processing plant – from beginning to bottle. Some of the steps Giangrandi Gourmet are most proud of initiating to create the highest standards for producing the world’s finest organic and premium olive oil blends include:
  • Estate-grown, all-organic, olive trees, groves and fruits
  • Hand-harvesting of olives at the very optimal peak of ripeness
  • State-of-the-art, Italian-made processing plant boasting two lines, each with an olive processing capacity of 1,544 pounds per hour
  • Optimum storage conditions featuring stainless steel tanks with floating lids and nitrogen seals to prevent oxidation … and protect oil quality while keeping organic attributes in tact
  • Orders bottled on demand only after being received

We have also introduced advanced technologies, maximized plantation density, leveraged drip irrigation techniques, initiated organic/ecological care procedures and banned the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

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